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Imagine you're a home buyer driving around on a Sunday looking at potential properties. They come upon your house and like the way it looks. They see this:
99 out of 100 times they are going to keep right on driving.


You didn't give them any reason to stay.

They see nothing but a phone number.

They're just looking. They don't want to talk to you yet.

They'd much rather have MORE information first.

Now imagine the same home buyers are driving looking at potential properties and they see this!

Use Our Done For You SMS Autoresponder And Our Single Site Real Estate Pages To Help You Sell Your Properties

With our amazing proprietary real estate sms lead capture system, the potential home buyer sees your yard sign, sends in a simple text message and then our software instantly sends your information about the property and link to your website directly to their mobile phone while they are still in front of the house!

YOU ARE ALSO INSTANTLY NOTIFIED BY TEXT with the the potential buyers cell number and which property they are looking at. You can now call or text them directly from your cell.


You are now connected with someone looking to purchase a home in your area that you normally never would have known existed!
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What You Get
  • Our Amazing Proprietary Real Estate SMS Lead Capture System
  • 5 Property Sign Templates - DFY. Just use template and order your signs
  • 5 Single Property Websites - DFY. Sell one and we'll put another up for you
  • SMS Setup - DFY. No Technical Skills Required

My name is Thomas Manuli and I own SMS Machine, the world's best SMS system. It has taken me many years to perfect this software and I don't let many people have to access it.

Mostly big, big corporations only and they pay thousands monthly for it.

Well, I also happen to be good friends with Lee and he has been hounding me FOR MONTHS to give his students access to it. The guy is a pain in my ass bugging me every day about it.

So I have finally relented and agreed to let 20 of his students in on this Real Estate SMS Autoresponder And Single Site Real Estate Pages system.

The absolute best I can do for Lee is $197.00 monthly. Like I said above this is a done for you system that I'm practically giving away to only 20 students of Lee.

So if you're interested I'd jump on this. - Thanks, Tommy