Real Estate Mentor Liborio Derario Reveals His Secret to Success

I first got started in real estate in 1984, one year before I was going to get married to the love of my life. I was watching TV and saw a gentleman named Ed Beckley who was preaching a great life of wealth and prosperity though his “No Money Down” strategies to purchase real estate.
Needless to say I purchased his course and put it to work. I purchased my first two houses in 1984 for my wife Lori and I to live in after we got married. We lived in the small detached garage apartment in the back and rented out the front 3 bedroom house for income to help us with the mortgage. With a few quick deals I was able to save the capital to build my first project as an Architect!!
Over the next few years I purchased numerous properties and completed my first “Dry” same day flip on a house that I put under contract from an estate. I also started working for a realtor at night and used microfiche machines and the reverse blue books to find phone numbers for out of state vacant land owners in my area.

As an Architect I had a long list of builders who wanted vacant land to build out and were ready to purchase. SO I started to work that aspect of the market. I was able to flip a few properties using this method. I also had a great trick I used when I could not get the owners on the phone. I would write them a purchase offer and tell them there was an enclosed check for $10,000.00 as a binder for the offer.

Then I took the envelope and inserted the letter with a paper clip and no check sealed it, ripped off the lower left corner and crumpled it up before mailing to the out of state owner. Every one of those people called me about not receiving the check even before saying the were not selling…but that allowed me the opportunity to convince most of them that I was a young architect that grew up in the area, just getting married, and that wanted to build a home for myself and my new bride. Worked like a charm!!

From then on in I started building stick homes and modular homes, subdividing land and even started a few REI partnerships to accumulate properties.

Over the years I have been through numerous up and down cycles in real estate market and have had a few partnerships break up do to financial stress from the volatile real estate market and economy in the early 90’s.

I was able to restructure and divide the properties between the remaining partners and we all went our separate ways.

I stopped my REI business when my first daughter was born in 1992 and only held on to 4 houses in that time. I wanted to stay home to enjoy raising her with my wife. Since I had my own Architectural practice that operated out of our home and my wife was working as a Neo-Natal Nurse Practitioner 4 days a week we would split the home time.

That was one of the best decisions I made even though my REI business did not grow…but my two girls did. Ten years after my first daughter Gillian (1992) and 7 years after my second daughter Gabrielle (1995) were born…My Son Gregory was born (2002)… SO just when I thought I could get back to the REI game I was back staying home and helping raise my son! Again another great decision.

I sold all my properties to buy the big house on 2 ½ acres of property. I used my REI Skills to purchase our new home from a distressed seller for no money down with him holding a second mortgage. This gave me the leverage to renovate the property and refinance into a permanent loan. We are still here today 16 years later.
As my son turned 11 and was pretty much autonomous I decide to throw my hat back into the REI arena. I was intrigued by this guy I saw on TV and decide to try his approach. I purchase many books and courses, put the ideas into action and started looking into buying some new properties again. I also made the big decision to take a thee day seminar by this guy in Westchester NY on March 15-17 2013. I consider that my new founders day for my REI Business!!

And who was that guy… Dean Graziosi.

Since that time I have engaged in over 100 perspective deals and have been able to close over 28 deals to date. I have also been able to hold 14 properties and as of this writing I have sold 2 and have 3 more under contract to sell. I also have two contracts to purchase with 5 more in the pipeline.

I have been using numerous different strategies to locate the properties. I have an “I BUY Houses” account with Cam Dunlap that I advertise on numerous local diner placemats (in the upper right hand corner or center top) and have a few box trucks wrapped that I park in prominent traffic areas that all generate leads consistently. I also use social media and cross marketing with my other companies and ventures.
I am constantly investigating new programs to further my growth. DG is my go to primary program. Then I use Cam Dunlap, Preston Ely, Cody Sperber, Ian Flannigan and a few others like ReHab Valuator to supplement my knowledge.

I have also been using self help/growth programs and have been a Tony Robbins follower for over 20 years. (“IF YOU SAY YOU CANT…THEN YOU MUST!!) Now I have programs from Brendan Burchard, Joe Polish, Frank Kern and a few others like Mind Movies to keep me balanced and always challenging, upgrading and re-evaluating my thought and motivation process and progress.(YOU ARE EITHER CLIMBING OR SLIDING!!)

I am a member of the 25K OBM family which has helped me move faster and more strategically in my REI Business. I also want to expand my network team of “A” player and mentors BY DIRECT CONTACT! I want to build new relationships that will be mutually beneficial for me as well as the people I meet. AND I WANT TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME.